Redwood Deck Refinishing

Nothing sets off an outdoor living space like a redwood deck. This beautiful and long lasting wood has been used in deck building for decades and is still the most popular choice among homeowners. While there may be no shortage of builders, there has been a large void in the field of professional redwood deck refinishing and maintenance for years. Who is a homeowner supposed hire when they are in search of redwood deck refinishing and where do you look? Who should you contact when you want to protect your newly built deck? For years many have turned to the painter and handyman for these tasks only to receive mediocre results. The only way to understand how to protect or perform restoration of a redwood deck is to appreciate its unique characteristics by constantly working on it and realizing the area that it is located in.

Your Deck Can Be Saved!

Before locating our company, many of our clients could not comprehend their deck could be rescued. Just like any exterior flooring surface, decks receive an enormous amount of UV exposure, moisture, and foot traffic because they are large horizontal surfaces. Despite the dingy and deteriorated look of your deck it can almost certainly be restored. The prime feature of redwood is that it is extremely tough. Even though the wood has been neglected or become gray in appearance, had multiple stains or coatings applied to it over the years, it can be saved. Boards that have dry rot or termite damage can be easily replaced and the problem eradicated. Our relentless redwood deck refinishing services consist of restoration, care, repair, and maintenance done right the first time. We are well versed in performing work in all areas of Southern California throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange County, and San Diego.

Protect Your Deck

There are many products on the market for protecting redwood decks. How do you know which one to choose? Should you choose water based or oil based stains and sealers? How to you choose transparent, semi transparent, semi-solid, or solid coatings or stains? Sound pretty confusing doesn’t it? The magnificence of redwood is that it can be coated with all the above products and transparencies. The wood is soft enough that coatings can easily penetrate and adhere to its surface. We will educate you on what products are best according to your decks specific needs. The most common mistake made by painters, handymen, and contractors is using the wrong products or over application. Why trust just anyone to restore or protect your valuable redwood deck?

Your Redwood Deck and Weather

Weather plays a huge role in deterioration of exterior wood surfaces. It is also a factor in choosing a protective coating. Chemical makeup and opacity determine how often a coating needs to be applied. Weather also determines how often wood needs to be maintenance. Formulating the correct protection of a redwood deck is a skill only obtained with years of experience. Understanding the diverse climates of Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and all of the cities within knowledge obtained with many years of experience.

A deck in located in Santa Monica where a client chooses a solid stain may last 2 years and another deck located in Encino with the same coating may last 3 years. Again, this depends on exposure to the elements and finish used. A semi transparent oil based redwood sealer may hold up for 1 year before it needs to be serviced in the coastal areas of Newport Beach or Laguna Beach but holds up in Los Angeles for 2 full years. Again, climate and finish choice will determine how often a deck should be serviced which in turn will affect your choice in selecting the wood protector.